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Why hire for Baby when on Holidays

Firstly you want your baby to be happy and looked after whilst you are on Holidays. It is common throughout industry that you will most likely hire a porta-cot from you accommodation venue. Some children do not sleep in these, ours dis not. We can hire you a timber cot and you will find in most cases, this is more cost effective.

Secondly, at a minimum you need, a car seat, cot, high chair and a pram. It’s difficult, costly and one large effort to bring these items with you. Thus it simply makes sense to hire them from a Holiday Baby Hire Specialist. After all, it’s your Holiday, you need to enjoy it.

Thirdly, you will find that having the premium baby hire equipment delivered directly in your room, will be far most cost effective then other baby hire means.

Traveling to Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas with babies or young ones can be a lovely experience the whole family can enjoy, however without those normal, and sometimes unique to your holiday items your treasured little-loved ones can become, how can we say, “challenging” to deal with. We at OZ baby hire have traveled frequently with our own young ones throughout Palm Cove and Port Douglas, we have gone out for dinner along the esplanade, walked with our young one and understand the need for Joggers that can go on the beach, across rocks in Port Douglas. We also understand that you cannot take Joggers to Green Island, only small Strollers on the ferries, the same is for the Sky Rail, You may not fit in the cart?. We understand the difference between going on holidays with a “happy” baby as opposed to unconvertable, difficulty sleeping, no toys, swings or rockers, needless to say a “grumpy” baby. Then your holiday is not so enjoyable.

Our unique baby hire service, ensure that when you arrive, your room is ready, cot(timber if you like), made and ready for bubs, swings, playpens, baths all set-up in your room. Car seats can be installed in your rental car prior to your flight arriving, the remaining items, in your room. When you checkout you simply leave them in your room, seats in car, we collect these once you have departed (10am or later)

Remember, you are heading to a warm, tropical, rainforest environment. There are many tours and activities to do with babies and young ones, however having the correct items makes it a breeze as opposed to a difficult, tiring day.


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